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Riversong Guitars: Revolutionary Guitars and Picks

G2 = Generation 2 Series

A NEW LINE has been drawn! Riversong has taken another dramatic leap ahead of its competitors with the all new redesigned G2 Series

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Pacific Series

The fastest playing, easiest to adjust, and greatest sounding guitars just became very affordable - 8 new guitars with award winning “Necknology”

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Unique Special Builds

One-of-a-kind instruments can be ordered for those looking for something really SPECIAL. All our instruments are made with Riversong "Necknology"

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NEW for 2021! The Riversong T-Style Electric


Hint – The PATENTED Neck Thru Design Changes EVERYTHING

Riversong Guitars - Uniquely Handbuilt Neck Thru design

Hear AND See the Difference: Riversong VS Other Top Guitar Brand

A / B comparison of Riversong and another top brand for tone and sustain. HEAR the difference here.

We set up two guitars, a Riversong and a leading big name, and recorded them in a controlled setting so that we could measure the difference that we could hear in Riversong guitars. The superior result in sustain of the Riversong guitar is plain for all to see!


What’s So Different about Riversong Guitars?

leaf_TINYAdjustable Body Angle
Our action is raised or lowered by a simple adjustment of the body angle. Changing the body angle eliminated the need to adjust your action by destructively sanding your saddle and losing tone.

leaf_TINYTension Free Design
Our patented “Neck Thru” design reduces the tension across the guitar top allowing Riversong guitars to use less structural bracing and have more resonant area.…….

leaf_TINYAdjustable Top Loading
Whether you use light or heavy gauge strings, Riversong has a system for adjusting the stiffness of your guitar top.

leaf_TINYAdjustable Intonation
The neck can move in and out of the pocket where it sits allowing for micro-adjustments while under tension. NO MORE COMPROMISE ON INTONATION!

leaf_TINYOne-Piece 24 Fret Neck
Our neck runs continuously under the fretboard to the 24th fret for even tone and volume, while eliminating 14th fret hump.

leaf_TINYStraight Pull Headstock Design
There is no sideways tension through the nut, resulting in better tuning stability and tone.

leaf_TINYLess Kerf = More Tone
We use 1/3 the kerfing, and our top is directly connected to the side and back for better energy transfer.

“Love the company, love the vision, love the craftsmanship, but most of all I absolutely love my Riversong Tradition Canadian guitar!! Not only is it a work of art but it sounds amazing, deep rich warm low end tones mixed with perfect bright high notes… Oh and it plays almost effortlessly due to the adjustable action!

Thank you Mike and your Riversong team!!”

Who Plays Riversong Guitars

Kyle Gass with Riversong Guitar

Kyle Gass of The Kyle Gass Band and Tenacious D

Monte Montgomery with Riversong Guitar

Monte Montgomery playing the Riversong Soulstice.

Mike Krompass – Producer, Writer, Musician (Smashmouth, Nelly Furtado) LOVES Riversong Guitars!

Mike Krompass loves his Riversong GuitarRead his review of his Riversong Guitar!

Riversong Guitars - Mike Krompass video

We’re Award Winning!

Our award winning and innovative designs are making Riversong a world-famous name. We just keep accumulating them, so have a look at what we’ve WON SO FAR.
Riversong Guitars - Award Winning

“The nicest guitar I have ever played. AMAZING.”

Read Riversong Guitars Latest Great Reviews!

Music Trades Riversong review

“Pushes the boundaries of acoustic guitar design”

Riversong Guitars review - AcousticMagazineApr2016-cover

“Excellent build quality and tonewoods. Fantastic acoustic tone.”

Riversong Guitars review - GuitarAficionado Mar 16

“revolutionary… brilliant design… meticulous construction…”

Riversong Guitars review - Acoustic Mag feb 2016

“The Trad 1 Performer is a fantastic guitar.”


Latest Guitar Pick Innovations from Riversong!

Riversong Guitars Wooden 5 Layer Picks
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Riversong Guitars Artist Endorsement Opportunities are Available – Contact us for more information by email.