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How Do I Adjust the Neck with the Truss Rod?

Riversong Guitars Neck Adjustment Instructions

Humidity, temperature, and personal preferences all require truss rod adjustments to keep your guitar playing optimally. Riversong Guitars use a special two-way truss rod that has been precisely manufactured for our guitars. In order to have a fast playing straight neck the tension from the strings (180lbs) must be counteracted with the truss rod. Depending on string height, gauge, tuning, and environment, the truss rod must be adjusted to compensate. We have selected a dual acting truss rod that can both add tension and relief to your neck. Gone are the days of a reverse bow with the advent of this truss rod design. On all Riversong truss rods, there is a null point where the truss rod is not putting pressure in either direction on the neck. By adjusting either CW or CCW the neck can be moved in two directions versus the old style of just tension. Critical action due to the adjustable neck angle, and the 2 way truss rod make your Riversong a breeze to set-up and a dream to play.

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How do I Install an After Market Pickup?


To install an after market pickup into a Riversong Technology guitar, locate the centre of the hole 26mm from the bottom centre of the adjustment slot. Drill a 12mm hole with a brad-point bit through the 27mm End Block.

>> Open or Download “Install Aftermarket Pickup.pdf”