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Riversong Guitars Magagna nominated MMR acoustic of the year 2018
Nominated for Acoustic Guitar of the Year!

Our Magagna Signature Guitar has been honoured with the MMR nomination against this venerable list of co-nominees who are giants in the industry: Martin, Taylor, Yamaha and Premier Fulton.

Vote for Riversong to win this award! Click the “Vote for Us” button below to sign up with MMR and cast your vote. Good luck to the other companies in the running.



Riversong Guitars new Trad 2 Triple Play Stage
Riversong’s TRADITION 2P GA STAGE TriplePlay is unlike ANY other guitar!

Using a wireless midi system, you can load any sample sound you like and adjust when and where it sounds on your guitar.

The sound range that you can create with this instruments is limitless, your imagination and creativity will have no bounds. Rhythm and atmosphere are just the beginning.

Watch the videos to see what it’s all about.



Riversong Guitars Skeletized bracing Magagna guitarNEW SKELETIZED BRACING!

To make the bracing lighter and more responsive in our Riversong Guitars we have begun to utilize our new “skeletization” feature that reduces excess mass in the body of the guitar.

We remove the excess mass by cutting into the bracing itself, leaving the structure’s shape and support but eliminating everything that is not crucial. Not too much, not too little – it ends up being “just right”. The sound and tone is amazing!

Skeletized bracing is featured in our Magagna Signature guitar developed by Mike Miltimore in association with industry legend David Magagna.

More on the Magagna Signature can be found here including an audio clip of how it sounds and a video of Michael Hermes playing Amazing Grace! It oozes coolness.





New from Riversong! This amazing instrument is a revamp of the traditional Middle Eastern oud, and brings a 4000 year old instrument into the 21st century. More at the Stage Oud page.

This is a revolutionary new oud that excels in rich sound, volume, comfort and playability.




Riversong Guitars - Simon Shaheen Wooden Oud Plectrum


In ancient times, oud players used wooden plectrums but eventually found them too hard on the gut strings so over time have tried to find the perfect material for plucking oud strings.

Today, after 1200 years of absence, led by innovators Mike Miltimore of Riversong Guitars and Philip Shaheen of Philip Shaheen Carbon Fibre Ouds, the wooden plectrum is re-emerging thanks to the use of modern technologies and carefully selected materials.

The first of their kind in the world, these new plectrums, made of wood combined with advanced materials, produce feel and tones that other picks in the market can’t deliver and ensure great playability, strength and longevity.

Read more…






We received our patent for our adjustable neck, structure and build construction. This has been a long process and as our sales grow throughout the world, it is comforting to know that we have protection!

This system allows for an adjustable body angle, adjustable intonation and the one piece 24 fret neck runs continuously under the fretboard to the 24th fret for even tone and volume, while eliminating 14th fret hump. The tension free design reduces the tension across the guitar top allowing Riversong guitars to use less structural bracing and have more resonant area. With the straight pull headstock design there is no sideways tension through the nut, resulting in better tuning stability and tone.

For more info on the revolutionary Riversong Neck Thru design go to :
Necknology and What Makes Riversong Guitars so Great


Riversong Guitars 2P GA Triple Play NEWS
TriplePlay parts Collage
Riversong guitars announces the very first acoustic guitar with an integrated digital controller output. More at the Trad 2P GA TP page.

We have partnered up with Fishman Electronics to create an amazing guitar that can bridge the gap between digital music and acoustic guitar.


beak picks web
Our new pick design that we are calling “The Beak” after one of our Beta Testers and Reviewers named it.

They just came out at the Winter NAMM show in California and are already getting rave reviews!

See all our Wooden Picks at our Pick page.


Riversong Guitars - Handshake with Prince William

When the province of British Columbia, Canada was looking for a special gift to commemorate the coming of Their Royal Highnesses Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Prince William and Duchess Kate, they turned to Riversong Guitars to provide one of their patented Riversong Tradition Canadian guitars.

Mike Miltimore was invited to present the instruments to Prince William and Duchess Kate in Kelowna, BC.

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Riversong Trad 2 Performer (Grand Auditorium) Nominated for Best Acoustic Guitar!Riversong Tradition Grand Auditorium

There are very few top international awards in the music manufacturing industry. The proud Canadians who run Riversong Guitars are over the top to have been not only the first to be received a Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) for having the best Acoustic Bass worldwide, but to then be nominated and shortlisted for the second year in a row for the MMR (Music Merchandise Review) Award for Best Acoustic Guitar is even more fantastic!

The guitar that’s getting all the attention is the new Riversong Tradition 2 Performer Grand Auditorium, with industry-setting comfort cuts and Riversong’s exclusive patented NeckNology system that gives precise control to action and intonation while relieving stress, making the body more resonant. Read more…



Riversong Guitars Mike Miltimore Nashville NAMM 2017


Mike Miltimore recently made the trip to the NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) Summer show in Nashville, TN.

The NAMM show is a music oriented trade show and is a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. NAMM’s activities and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages.

Riversong Guitars is nothing if not innovative and Mike set up a awesome booth with a great selection of guitars, wooden guitar picks as well as a 14 foot guitar neck to remind everyone of what makes Riversong Guitars so unique!

Mike says “It’s great to go to Nashville and see old friends and new. It was especially great to see the response to you our Tradition 2 Stage Guitar which offers an impressive, almost incredible, amount of versatility out of an acoustic guitar. This guitar is going to change everything and we are now taking names on a waiting list for those who want to join the Fishman Triple Play family” .

Stay tuned for the amazing apps coming out for this guitar!



Read Interview with Mike in Music Inc magazine from the NAAM February 2016 show here.

Read the full issue of Music Inc magazine.

The NAMM show (the National Association of Music Merchants), is a semi-annual event promoting innovation in the music industry.

For more about NAMM, go here.



Riversong Guitars’ Long Scale Bass wins the international MIPA Award! See more about the Long Scale Bass here.

Journalists of over 100 dedicated special interest music magazines from all over the world were called upon to nominate and vote for the best musical instruments and audio equipment of 2015/2016 in the 38 categories of the prestigious mipa/pipa Musikmesse/Prolight + Sound International Press Award.