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Tradition Canadian Special Edition

The Tradition Canadian SE has a tight, crisp bottom with a crystal clear top end.

Tradition Canadian Special Edition TitleThe TRADITION CANADIAN Special Edition (Performer)

The Tradition Canadian Special Edition (SE) guitar was our first model and was the guitar that started it all. Lovingly called “Special Edition”, this guitar features domestic woods, balanced tone, fast “D” profile neck and is essentially Mike Miltimore’s Dream guitar. One month after it’s release Mike was nominated and won runner up for the Young Entrepreneur of the year for Canada. This guitar truly became a Special Edition!

The guitar is built with Chillakwian maple that comes from our visits to the local tonewood sawmills. We noticed the enormous amount of wood waste while looking for that “perfect” piece – the one that looks like catalog pictures. Upon a closer look, the “waste” wood wasn’t bad wood at all, just overlooked. In fact, this beautiful wood is just like nature, uniquely gorgeous! We struck up a deal to use this “in between wood” and the rest is history! Welcome BC Chillakwian Maple! Since then The Chillakwian back and sides with Sitka Spruce top combination has been compared to pre-war classics and is a favourite with many musicians.

A tight, crisp bottom end with a crystal clear top end make this guitar a finger-picking dream. An easy 1/2 turn of the patent pending neck angle adjustment yields a .5mm adjustment at the 12th fret. Chords chime evenly all the way up the neck and single note runs are smooth and even, due to the wide resonant response of the body.


Riversong Guitars Tradition Special Edition

Listen to the Tradition Canadian Special Edition!

Hear a chord on the Trad CDN Special Edition

Hear strumming on the Trad Special Edition

Hear Picking on the Trad Special Edition

Jefferson Clay Playing Riversong Tradition SE Guitar at Clint Black’s Competing for a CauseJefferson Clay playing Riversong SE guitar


Riversong Guitars are built with our NeckNology tech – a solid neck that runs the length of the instrument and which can be manually adjusted to YOUR preference.
Riversong Guitars Tradition
Riversong Guitars Tradition Canadian Special Edidtion - left handed

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The Tradition Series

After many years of research and development whilst making conventional acoustic guitars, Mike Miltimore and his talented team saw the potential for changes that would take guitars to the next level and created the new, all hand-built, Tradition Series Guitars. Encompassing everything that he had learned from his years in his family music store business and building outside of the box construction techniques and new structure, this multi award winning line of progressive guitars is turning heads with amazing balanced tone. Critical control of action, intonation, even volume and tone make the Riversong Tradition Series truly a guitar player’s delight.