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Tradition Canadian Limited Edition LE

This guitar is limited to a run of 50 because it’s so special to us.

Riversong Guitars Tradition Canadian Limited Edition titleTradition Canadian Limited Edition (LE)

This guitar has been built to commemorate the official launch of Riversong Guitars into Europe. This guitar was first shown at the 2015 Frankfurt Musikmesse show in Germany. Originally this guitar was built as an experiment of a new wood combination. The guitar was an instant favourite. Due to the guitar’s popularity, it was brought to show distributors at EMD Music where Tom Robinson (UK Sales Manager) first saw the guitar. The idea of a limited edition guitar was born. Limited Edition Series #1 is a run of 50 guitars worldwide. The wood for the limited edition is centered on domestic woods to Canada.

Made from top woods: Lutz Spruce comes from one place in the world, the Skeena Valley. In this Northern BC community, the Coastal Sitka forest range, and the Interior Engelmann Spruce forest range converge and produce a natural cross called Lutz Spruce. The colouring is dark like Sitka, and has silking like Engelmann. The tone is warm with the punch of Engelmann. Even when you handle the raw pieces, you can really hear and feel the difference. The back and sides are Solid Black Walnut that looks amazing and has a rich warm sound, between Indian Rosewood and Mahogany. The neck is made from Eastern Canadian Hard Rock Maple is stable and transfers tone/energy very well. Sticking with the Canadian themes, the fretboard and bridge are made out of Walnut as well. Genuine Big Leaf Maple is used for the graduated leaf inlays. The tuners are Canadian designed Ratio tuners from Graph-Tech give smooth operation, tuning stability, and different gear ratios for each string core. This makes a full tone with two twists of each machine head.

Riversong Guitars Tradition Canadian Limited Edition LE
Riversong Guitars are built with our NeckNology tech – a solid neck that runs the length of the instrument and which can be manually adjusted to YOUR preference.
Riversong Guitars Tradition

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The Tradition Series

After many years of research and development whilst making conventional acoustic guitars, Mike Miltimore and his talented team saw the potential for big changes that would really take guitars to the next level and so they created the new, all hand-built, Tradition Series Guitars. Encompassing everything that he had learned from his years in his family music store business and building outside of the box construction techniques and new structure, this multi award winning line of progressive guitars is turning heads with amazing balanced tone. Critical control of action, intonation, even volume and tone make the Riversong Tradition Series truly a guitar player’s delight.