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Tradition 2P GA Stage Triple Play

Fishman electronics and Riversong quality together in an amazing innovative instrument!

Riversong Guitars Tradition 2P GA Stage TPThe TRADITION 2P GA STAGE TP

The dream to have a great playing acoustic guitar in an electric size body is here! The Tradition 2P GA Stage TP guitar is designed to look exactly like our award winning Trad 2P GA with a twist. At less than 2″ of depth this guitar feels fast! The top is responsive and braced just like an acoustic. With adjustable neck angle and a new intonation system this guitar is built for the serious stage musician.

And now for the best part

Bridging the gap from studio and live, Riversong teamed up with the brilliant guys at Fishman Electronics and installed the world’s first OEM Triple Play wireless guitar performance/midi system. Think of the guitar as a 133 touch sensitive pad that can play any sample, interface with programs like Ableton, or any midi device.
The knob on the front works as a digital encoder and can control any parameter of your analog or midi signal just by running your guitar output through a channel on your DAW.

The Triple Play software can run on its own or operate as a plug in VST.

This exciting guitar is sure to excite crowds by ripping out solos or just adding a stereo depth to your live or recording performances.


Riversong Guitars Tradition 2P GA Stage TP

What is the Triple Play All About? Mike Miltimore Explains

Hear the Triple Play in Action! System Test with Sean Luciw

Download Trad 2 Stage Triple Play Manual HERE


Riversong Guitars are built with our NeckNology tech – a solid neck that runs the length of the instrument and which can be manually adjusted to YOUR preference.
Riversong Guitars Tradition 2P Grand Auditorium Stage Triple Play details


Stage 2 Custom COMING SOON!

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The Tradition Series

After many years of research and development whilst making conventional acoustic guitars, Mike Miltimore and his talented team saw the potential for big changes that would really take guitars to the next level and so they created the new, all hand-built, Tradition Series Guitars. Encompassing everything that he had learned from his years in his family music store business and building outside of the box construction techniques and new structure, this multi award winning line of progressive guitars is turning heads with amazing balanced tone. Critical control of action, intonation, even volume and tone make the Riversong Tradition Series truly a guitar player’s delight.