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Pacific Series

Riversong Pacific Guitar series
Finally Riversong Necknology for Everyone!

Pacific Series

Riversong Guitars is proud to launch this new series of guitars designed by Mike Miltimore: eight models all based around the award winning “Necknology”. The fastest playing, easiest to adjust, and great sounding guitars just became very affordable.

Affordability with innovative Riversong features like this have never been available before!

“After years of building, I searched for a partner that could build my designs how I wanted them. With help from industry veterans, David Magagna (Martin Taylor PRS), Hap Kuffner (Mandolin Bros, PRS, and NS designs) and many more we have built a series of guitars built to deliver a playing experience worthy of much more expensive guitars and upholding the Riversong name!” – Mike Miltimore

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  • P550-A button
  • P 2P GA button
  • P550CE-D button
  • P550CE-A button

Pacific Ukuleles Coming Soon!
Riversong Guitars Pacific 600 Series and Ukuleles

Riversong Guitars Gord Bamford Pacific Blazers logo

Gord Bamford plays a Pacific guitar with Blazers logo

Riversong Guitars Pacific in Blazers dressing room

Pacific Guitar with Blazers Hockey Team Logo

Riversong Guitars Pacific Series Special Design for Honeymoon Suite