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The “Masa” Piece

The Masa Piece is a true Masterpiece!

Straight from the mind of our amazing Riversong Guitars luthier Masa Toyoshima who started this guitar as an idea that grew into a work of art that has to be seen, played and heard. It became a real Riversong “Masa” piece.

Beauty is in the detail, and this guitar has plenty of it. From the hand carved diffuser plate, the impeccable fret job, even the inlays match the theme of the body. One of our favourite elements is the handmade wood tuners that match the D’addario strings ball ends that we use. Look closely at the finish you will see another subtle element, the pearlized finish glistens in the light. Even the maple fretboard has a smooth gloss finish. All this is built over a Riversong Guitar technical structure, including the patented adjustable Necknology neck-thru system so it sounds every bit as beautiful at the instrument looks. Adorned with Masa’s signature, the Masa Piece is truly a work of art.

Riversong Guitars Vault Series
Riversong Guitars are built with our NeckNology tech – a solid neck that runs the length of the instrument and which can be manually adjusted to YOUR preference.
The "Masa" Piece guitar

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The VAULT Series

Vault series guitars are one of a kind guitars from mild to wild. Straight from the minds of the Luthiers at Riversong, these guitars represent ideas that we have always wanted to try. Every Vault guitar has our exclusive Necknolgy and is made of the finest woods. If you want exotic and rare, these collector guitars are made for you! Available only through your Authorized Riversong Vault dealer.