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“Masa” Piece 2

The “Masa” Piece 2 is another absolute Masterpiece!

Riversong Master Luthier Masayuki Toyoshima has an eye for detail.  After discussions with Riversong Founder Mike Miltimore, Masa decided to build this exquisite beauty.  Once the overall design was in his head, a trip to a local re-saw mill turned up a torrified Adirondack top that stood apart from all the rest for its tone, stiffness and looks.  Masa also hand selected the Wild Cherry wood for the back and sides, and the ebony for the fretboard.

He then started to build the body and accompanying molds for this one-of-a-kind guitar.  With an eye to nature, Masa began selecting different woods to make the unique inlays that adorn this guitar. 100’s of tiny pieces, all hand inlaid with the tightest of tolerances – the signature of every Masa Piece guitar. Months of work go into each of these guitars and are limited to one per year.

For comfort and ease of playing, an armrest and rib rest bevel has been seamlessly integrated into the binding of the guitar.  Masa is also a master finisher and has flexed his finishing skills by glossing the fretboard and bridge giving this guitar a unique look.

Tonally this “Masa” piece growls as well as it sings. It has a custom diffuser disc that aids in the sustain giving impressive volume and notal clarity up and down the neck. The “Masa” piece is a totally unique guitar with that is much of a playing instrument as it is a piece of art.

Riversong Guitars - Masa Piece 2 custom guitar
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