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Hint – The PATENTED Neck Thru Design Changes EVERYTHING

Riversong Guitars - unique features and groundbreaking construction make for a superior guitar

Hear and See the Difference!

A / B comparison of Riversong and another top brand for tone and sustain. SEE the difference here.

We set up guitars and recorded them in a controlled setting so that we could measure the difference that we could hear in Riversong guitars. The results are in, and they are plain for all to see!


What’s Different about the Riversong Guitars – Tradition Series:

leaf_TINYAdjustable Body Angle
Our action is raised or lowered by a simple adjustment of the body angle. Changing the body angle eliminated the need to adjust your action by destructively sanding your saddle and losing tone.

leaf_TINYTension Free Design
Our patented “Neck Thru” design reduces the tension across the guitar top allowing Riversong guitars to use less structural bracing and have more resonant area.

leaf_TINYAdjustable Top Loading
Whether you use light or heavy gauge strings, Riversong has a system for adjusting the stiffness of your guitar top.

leaf_TINYAdjustable Intonation
The neck can move in and out of the pocket where it sits allowing for micro-adjustments while under tension. NO MORE COMPROMISE ON INTONATION!

leaf_TINYOne-Piece 24 Fret Neck
Our neck runs continuously under the fretboard to the 24th fret for even tone and volume, while eliminating 14th fret hump.

leaf_TINYStraight Pull Headstock Design
There is no sideways tension through the nut, resulting in better tuning stability and tone.

leaf_TINYLess Kerf = More Tone
We use 1/3 the kerfing, and our top is directly connected to the side and back for better energy transfer.

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