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Wooden Oud Picks

Riversong Guitars is pleased to introduce their new line of High Tech Wooden Oud Picks co-developed with master oud maker Philip Shaheen. The combination of unique materials used in the manufacture of these plectrums produce feel and tones that plastic or wood alone can’t deliver. To purchase our exclusive 21st. century picks, contact your nearest Riversong Dealer or Lee’s Music .

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Riversong Guitars Wooden Oud Picks
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Engineered 5-Layer Construction Patents Pending

Riversong Guitars Wooden Oud pick layers

Riversong’s revolutionary wooden picks use layers of material to create degrees of flexibility and stiffness. Our ORIGINAL picks have 5 layers:

Riversong Guitar Wooden Picks - mylar

Riversong Wooden Oud Picks - maple layer

Riversong Guitars Wooden Picks - PET

Riversong Guitars Wooden Picks - Pick Layers - Thicknesses

About Our Wooden Oud Plectrums

In the search for the perfect pick, Mike Miltimore turned to experimenting with multi-layers, similar to carbon fibre layups, Mike found he could control flexibility though engineering, maintaining pick stiffness while still having a soft core for feeling and tone. Philip Shaheen spotted the potential in Mike’s technology and his skills in combining top engineering with advanced materials. Philip’s gifted ability as an Oud player together with Mike’s commitment to innovation have created this superior plectrum.

Like carbon fibre, our picks are make of several layers.
The stiffness comes from the layers being unable to move against each other.
The soft PET core “gives” for increased feel and string control.
Riversong Guitars Wooden Pick Layers - Radius_illustration Riversong Guitars Wooden Pick Wear-in
  • They have “give and feel” with the soft core PET

  • Engineered like carbon fibre for stiffness

  • Great sound from the wood grain

Riversong Guitars Oud picks plectrum

Wooden Plectrum for Oud

In ancient times, wooden plectrums were the only plectrums that were used for playing the Oud. In the nineteen century A.D., “Zaryab” (789 – 857) replaced the Oud wooden plectrum with an eagle’s quill, for both its flexibility and strength, and it avoided the stiffness of the early rigid wooden “Mizrab” which caused damage to the gut strings.

Today, after 1200 years of absence, led by innovators Mike Miltimore of “Riversong Guitars” and Philip Shaheen of “Philip Shaheen Carbon Fibre Ouds”, the wooden plectrum is re-emerging thanks to the use of modern technologies and carefully selected materials.

The first of their kind in the world, these new plectrums, made of wood combined with advanced materials, produce feel and tones that other picks in the market can’t deliver and ensure great playability, strength and longevity.