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Wooden Guitar Picks

Riversong Guitars is pleased to introduce their new line of High Tech Wooden Picks. The combination of four unique materials used in the manufacture of our picks that produce feel and tones that plastic or wood alone can’t deliver. To get a sampler of our picks go here or visit your nearest Riversong Dealer OR check out the special PICK WALLET PACK we developed for CandyRat Records.


Engineered 5-Layer Construction Patents Pending

Riversong Guitars Wooden Pick - Layers

Riversong’s revolutionary wooden picks use layers of material to create degrees of flexibility and stiffness. Our ORIGINAL picks have 5 layers:

Riversong Guitar Wooden Picks - mylar

Riversong Guitars Wooden Picks - maple

Riversong Guitars Wooden Picks - PET

Riversong Guitars Wooden Picks - Pick Layers - Thicknesses

Original Picks

In the search for the perfect pick Mike Miltimore turned to experimenting with multi layers. Similar to carbon fibre layups, Mike found he could control stiffness though engineering: to keep a pick stiff while still having a soft core for feeling and tone. Available in .46 to 1.2 stiffness, these picks are designed to be different. And our Flexi picks use the wood grain direction to give 2 different feels: .60/.46, .80/.60, and 1.0/ .80.
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Like carbon fibre, our picks are make of several layers.
The stiffness comes from the layers being unable to move against each other.
The soft PET core “gives” for increased feel and string control.
Riversong Guitars Wooden Pick Layers - Radius_illustration Riversong Guitars Wooden Pick Wear-in
  • They have “give and feel” with the soft core PET

  • Engineered like carbon fibre for stiffness

  • Great grip from Canadian maple leaf

  • Great sound from the wood grain

Choose the wooden pick that will work best with your style and musical needs!

Riversong Guitars Wooden Picks OriginalRiversong Guitars Wooden Jazz PickRiversong Guitars wooden pick PowerRiversong Guitars wooden pick Power TriRiversong Edge Picks










Due to the nature of wood, the measurement designation refers to the effective thickness and is meant to be a guide to choosing your pick.

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Walnut Picks

Mike Miltimore discovered through observation and that the fibrous nature of wood produced a different sound to other materials. To make a wooden pick durable it needed more than just multi wood layers but a flexible inner material, Fibretone. Fibretone allows the pick to flex and once worn-in gives a warm tone, grip, and feel that ordinary picks cannot. Power-X picks have a reversed grain orientation that produces an edgy sound like dozens of micro picks attacking the string.

The secret is the orthotropic nature of wood meaning that wood has different properties in different planes, unlike plastics, that are isotropic in nature, they have the same properties in all planes. Wood alone has weakness due to cracking, however once we mix wood with isotropic materials, like our fibre tone, or flexitone, we can create a pick with the beneficial tone, wear-in, and hygroscopic nature of wood with the flexibility and feel of other materials. These aren’t your dad’s bread bag clips, these are precisely engineered multi-layer picks as unique in each model as the players who use them!

Riversong Guitars Wooden Picks - Walnut pick

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Riversong Guitars NAMM Editors Choice Award
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