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Riversong Guitars is pleased to introduce their new line of High Tech Wooden Picks. The combination of unique woods and materials used in the manufacture of our picks produce feel and tones that plastic or wood alone can’t deliver. To purchase our exclusive 21st. century picks and plectrums, contact your nearest Riversong Dealer or Lee’s Music .

Wooden Guitar Picks

A wide variety of styles, woods and thicknesses.

What people are saying about Riversong Wooden Picks:

      • “I would not play anything else on my guitar”
      • “Love this product. The tone available by using Riversong picks is warm and organic. It’s so nice to not have that plastic attack when using conventional plastic picks”
      • “Love playing with a wooden pick – tried many – Riversong is the best!”
      • “The mellow sound is amazing and they feel amazing”
      • “Riversong wooden picks produce a surprisingly warmer tone than any other pick I have used”
      • “My favorite pick”

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Wooden Oud Plectrums

Different stiffnesses available.
Riversong Guitars - Philip Shaheen Wooden Oud Plectrums
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Wallet Pack from CandyRat Records

Riversong Guitars CandyRat Records Wallet Wooden Pick Pack
CandyRat Records Riversong Pick Wallet