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Tradition CDN MAG

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Riversong Guitars Tradition CDN MAGThe TRADITION CDN MAG (Magagna)

In the guitar industry there is one man that is responsible for establishing a world market and he is David Magagna. David Magagna was the first salesmen for Martin Guitars and worked his way up to Vice President before leaving to establish and grow international sales for Taylor Guitars, David has replicated his formula of service, sarcastic wit and aligning with great companies like the aforementioned and Guild, Lowden, PRS and eventually with Riversong Guitars. After coming out of retirement he told Mike Miltimore that he has “a very low threshold for boredom and that Riversong is the only company that is doing anything of interest”. Since that infamous first meeting David has Established and grown Riversong’s International business with his reputation for quality and friends around the world. David felt strongly that the Riversong line needed another model which he designed that has become known as the Riversong Tradition CDN MAG (Magagna).

This small body guitar has an extra wide bottom end allowing the top to vibrate richly, narrower for comfort with ¼” round over edges, this guitar looks as great as it sounds. Back and sides are Western Walnut, the top is Lutz Spruce, the neck is Maple and Walnut with inlays proudly boasting 100% sustainable and CITES approved woods.
This patented guitar system is as unique to guitars as David is to the guitar business.

Riversong Guitars Tradition Canadian MAG
Riversong Guitars are built with our NeckNology tech – a solid neck that runs the length of the instrument and which can be manually adjusted to YOUR preference.
Riversong Guitars Tradition CDN MAG

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The Tradition Series

After many years of research and development whilst making conventional acoustic guitars, Mike Miltimore and his talented team saw the potential for changes that would take guitars to the next level and created the new, all hand-built, Tradition Series Guitars. Encompassing everything that he had learned from his years in his family music store business and building outside of the box construction techniques and new structure, this multi award winning line of progressive guitars is turning heads with amazing balanced tone. Critical control of action, intonation, even volume and tone make the Riversong Tradition Series truly a guitar player’s delight.